• I'm photographing in Cologne for Spotify on the 9th and 10th of September.
  • German friends, who's around?

Acres // Hevy 2014.



'68 last Saturday at Hevy festival.



Last night at Hevy me and the Singer from the Vandals got bro-tats. Weirdest night ever.

I photographed Finch last night and the guitarist fell off the stage onto me.
Pretty sweet.

Heart in hand // Hevy festival // 2014


Hevy is in-tents.

havehopeeee asked: Hey just curious, what kind of camera do you use? All of your pictures are amazing and I'm looking to buy one :)

Thanks so much!
I use a few I’m currently using the canon 5d mk2 and the canon 7d. It’s the lenses that make all the difference though. The lenses I use are the canon 24-70 f2.8 and the 50mm f1.4.
The 1.8 50mm is one of the best lenses I’ve ever used though and for £80 you can’t go wrong!

En route to Hevy festival to photograph some bands, drink some beer and party.
Good job there isn’t torrential rain all weekend.
Who’s there to hang out?!

Here’s what I got up to this summer with my best pals in Acres.

Ive been waiting to release this for months now. Travelling with a touring band is one of the best things I am lucky enough to do on a regular basis. 

Looking back at things like this makes me love my job and makes me feel like hard work pays off.

Im off to HEVY fesival this weekend with these guys and quite a few more amazing acts photographing for a few magazines as usual. If anyone is going let me know! I want to drink beer with you!