Sea kayaking with my mother is the best.
I think it’s time to get an underwater housing for my camera gear.

Super tired rendering the last of the Acres peninsula tour video.

Had a hair cut and beard trim and got some new fun tattoos this week.

I also started a rad new job about 3 weeks ago doing awesome creative stuff for a great company and I’m moving in with some of my best friends in about 3 weeks time.

Oh and I’m getting a new kitten.

My life is cool right now.

Fresh inky toes.

"Travel safe / My love"

By my pal Ziggy Hill.

Jacks party got mad out of hand last night as usual and I took a few photos.
I’m on the train home back to Bristol and everything hurts.

Chat to me on my journey so I don’t die, cheers.

It’s Jacks birthday today so we are partying in style.

My best friend went and got her back tattooed this week over at the circle in London by Kieran Williams. I had to take a picture of it because it’s too rad.
She still has another sitting to get the bottom half done. Rad.


Jack and Tommy paid me a surprise visit this weekend. They have broken and made a mess do everything I own.

We are turbo hungover and going to gay pride today.

Today I spent most of my day sitting in the sun and eating stupid amounts of food.

My friend came up to Bristol for the weekend and we decided to go to Grillstock for lunch. It’s one of my all time favourite places to eat. Have a guess why.

Healthy eating and exercise from now on.

Being back in England is cool because I get to hang out with my best friend every day.
I also start my rad new job tomorrow. Too stoked.

Oathbreaker // Belgium // 2014